kisstherain4me (kisstherain4me) wrote in mctoys,


I'm so pissed. The company in Arizona hasn't recieved my money order for the napoleon dynamite figures, and now they're threatening to report me to ebay. I mailed the money order on the 12th of september, and I sent them an email to tell them that, they didn't acknowledge it, of course, and the itemized bill with the correct, complete address came after I mailed the money order, and I didn't mail the money order until a week after the auction ended!!!!!!!! So the reason it hasn't arrived, is because it probably has an incorrect address. And I keep emailing and explaining, and all they do is write back every so often "have not recieved money" I JUST EXPLAINED WHY!!!!!!! God, they are so STUPID!!! They're russian or something, their english isn't the greatest. I ALWAYS pay on time for ebay items, I don't want their stupidity to wreck that.
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